Semifinal 2

I forgot to mention Ulf Kristiansson, playing for swe 1. "Guffe" played an amazing kombiround of 46 (19-27).

In the second semifinal Austria was in the command thruout the eternite. They kept a small gap on the beton, but on the final lanes Swe 2 was strong. Daniel Källström aced the last 4 and Gustav Björnberg 5 of the last 6! Finally Carl-Johan Ryner had to ace 18 to get at tie. He did that but he wasen´t satisfied. In the sudden death he had to ace lane 1 to keep the match alive, which he did. Finally he aced lane 2 and after Günter Inmann´s 2 Swe 2 joined Swe 1 in the final.

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All swedes in the final!

In front of a fairly large audience both the swedish teams managed to win their semifinals.

In the first semi Swe 1 had a gap of 5 strokes to the germans after the eternite.Germany then came closer and closer on the beton but were never in the lead. Swe 1 finally won with 1 stroke and Fredrik "18" Persson had the hounors to to make the decisive stroke.

The big difference was the eternite result for the swedes. 84 is a great result.

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No blogging?

I am pressofficer during the NC and WC so I have been taking care of swedish radio and one of the big newspapers, Dagens Nyheter. Hopefully they will write an article in the paper tomorrow. So all swedes, keep an eye open and everybody else can try the webpage and find the sport.

So this is this the reason why there hasn´t been any update on the blogg. Sorry about that.


Semifinal 2

Austria                                  Sweden 2

Herbert Ziegler                   Daniel Källström

Manfred Lindmayer          Maria Olsson 

Bianca Utzig                        Gustav Björnberg

Günter Inmann                   Carl-Johan Ryner

Austria has played better overall, but Swe 2 was 12 strokes better on the morning rounds. Its going to be a thriller


Semi 1

Germany                                     Sweden 1

Oleg Klassen                              Filip Johansson

Nicole Warnecke                      Sandra Bengtsson           

Walter Erlbruch                       Ulf Kristiansson

Max Hermann                          Fredrik Persson

They will start playing on the eternite. Germany as favorites, but Swe 1 was 7 strokes better this morning.

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